Inspection and Emissions
at J. Artman Auto

Official PENNDOT Official State Inspection Station Serving Irwin, PA

Find local inspections and emissions at J. Artman Auto, serving Irwin and surrounding areas, including North Huntington, Hempfield, and Delmont.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections for safe operation.
  • • Beneath the Vehicle Inspection
  • • Body
  • • Braking Systems
  • • Chassis
  • • Exhaust Systems
  • • External Inspection
  • • Fuel Systems
  • • Glazing
  • • Horns and Warning Devices
  • • Inspection Procedure
  • • Internal Inspection
  • • Lighting and Electrical Systems
  • • Mirrors
  • • Odometers
  • • Road Test
  • • Speedometers
  • • Steering
  • • Tires and Wheels
  • • Under the Hood Inspection
  • • Visual Inspection of Emission Control System
  • • Windshield Defrosters
  • • Windshield Washers
  • • Windshield Wipers
The safety inspections directed by PENNDOT help to reduce vehicle failure on the highways and assist in eliminating accidents and crashes that may result in injuries or death. Call J. Artman Auto today to schedule your state inspections and emissions examination at (724) 523-2181 or contact us online. We are your local state inspection station for cars, trucks, and SUVs serving Irwin, North Huntington, Hempfield, Delmont, and surrounding areas.

Serving Irwin, North Huntington, Hempfield, Delmont, and Surrounding Areas

Much has been done over the years within Pennsylvania to improve air quality, especially around major cities. PENNDOT’s emissions program meets the specific regional air quality issues and goals as part of the vehicle inspection program. J. Artman Auto follows the Commonwealth’s guidelines on vehicle emissions inspections. Jim Artman and his family of technicians work together to help protect air quality and ensure vehicles meet emissions and safety standards.
“Jim and his staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the automotive repair industry and take care of the customers needs. They send out yearly reminders for state inspection on your vehicle. Thanks J. Artman.”
— Bill P., via Google Reviews

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